Vision of MRSM Kota Kinabalu


Becoming a world-class educational institution that produces brilliant, glorious and distinguished generations in academic, co-curriculum, personality and entrepreneurship


Mission of MRSM Kota Kinabalu


1. Produce students who are strong, patriotic and caring. 

2. Form a well-respected student with strong mental and physical endurance.

3. Educate, shape and produce outstanding students in academia and tends to science and technology.

4. Developing leadership qualities among students as well as honing skills in language, arts and society.

5. Foster the interest and potential of students to venture into entrepreneurship.


The objective of MRSM Kota Kinabalu


1. Achieve the compliance level of MARA Audit by acquiring 100% in the financial statements of 25 December at the end of each year.
2. Zero disciplinary violations in the category of offenses are extremely heavy at the end of the second semester each year.
3. Increase the achievement of students who earn all A in PMR exams every year.
4. Increase students' achievement in the SPM exam to GPS 1.8 and below each year.
5. Ensuring 100% form 3 and 5 students are eligible to graduate each year according to the MRSM education system.
6. Win at least two patterns of science and technology competitions at the national MRSM level in the coming years.
7. Win at least two championships in sports activities or co-curriculum at the national MRSM level in the coming years.
8. Every educator (teacher and staff) will have the opportunity to attend at least one course of professionalism in the coming years.


Shared Values